Hemp + Chlorella Exfoliating Grains | 50ml

A gentle herbal exfoliator for all skin types. Versatile uses to suit your skin’s varying needs.

  • Hemp is rich in chlorophyll + fatty acids

  • Quinoa contains Lysine; the building block in the synthesis of collagen and elastin; also high in vitamin E and B

  • Green Clay is a very mild exfoliator with purifying qualities

  • Calendula, Lavender and Rose are the star flower trio in this formula to nurture and soothe skin.

  • Matcha Green Tea + Chlorella are rich in detoxing chlorophyll; anti-inflammatory and antioxidant B vitamins, and regenerating Omega-3 fatty acids

FOR USE UP TO THREE TIMES A WEEK: Gently moisten face with warm water by hand, steam or apply warm wet soft compress to face to open pores and receive the maximum benefit of the product. Scoop out a quarter to a half teaspoon of grains into palm, or small bowl. We prefer a small bowl so your inner alchemist can mix in whatever you need! Mix with your cleanser, or use plain water, into thin paste. Massage very gently all over face in slow circles. Rinse with warm water splash.

FOR MASK: Scoop half teaspoon or more into small bowl. Combine with plain water, raw honey, or plain yogurt until medium consistency. Apply to face and neck, leave for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Follow with RENEW Toning Mist, RADIANCE Repair Serum and/or Facial Oil.

INGREDIENTS: Milled Hemp Seed*, Milled Quinoa*, Green Clay, Calendula*, Rose* +  Lavender flowers*, Matcha, Chlorella*

* organically grown or wildcrafted ingredients

** store in a cool dry place with cap secure

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