purity. balance. harmony.
this is SATVA . . .

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who We are

We are organic farmers and plant alchemists at heart, with an ever curious attention to the science and magic of the natural world. We love watching  sunsets; the sweet smell of desert sage after the summer rains, and the view of the pristine mountains from our beloved Northern New Mexico farm. We are also busy humans with full lives; caring for our families, working hard and playing hard when we are able; just like you! We have discovered the healing power of plants through our own life experiences and we believe hemp is the answer to creating a balanced life in our modern world.


our mission and purpose

Our mission is to elevate your beauty and wellness routine; inside and out;  with our pure mountain grown hemp and botanicals. Our active formulas are mindfully handcrafted at our Farm Studio, with no harsh chemicals or preservatives. We harness the power of plants to deliver clean, effective products to help you connect to your true nature, and glow. We believe creating time each day for self care is the most valuable thing you can do for your mind, body, soul . . . and skin! We also understand what it means to live in an increasingly toxic and often hectic world. Our luxurious, full-spectrum hemp and plant-based products are designed to ignite self care in just minutes, so you can fill your well and carry on with grace and ease.

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our journey

SATVA BOTANICALS is a natural expression of who we are and what we love; a culmination of many years of studying aromatherapy, organic herbal formulation, yoga, nutrition; and a deep desire to enrich our health and happiness through a natural holistic lifestyle. The alchemy really all began in the kitchen; creating delicious plant based recipes from our farm fresh harvests, and in our home apothecary; creating healing herbal remedies for our loved ones. This lead to creating a collection of tried and true skin care and wellness formulas, tested and adored by all. Our obsession for handmade artisanal decadence in body and wellness products continues as we explore and perfect more products each day. We love the true alchemy of plants and the subtle art of blending, melting and mixing!


our enchanted home

SATVA BOTANICALS is setting the standard for artisanal craft hemp. We literally get our hands dirty for clean beauty: we grow, hand-harvest, dry, and process the hemp and flowers for our formulas. Our high-desert farm in northern New Mexico is nestled along the edge of the beautiful Latir Wilderness, and the pristine mountain springs above our land source the water for our crops. Through this direct connection to our precious land and resources, we are able to bring you the most pure and fresh remedies for your skin and body. Our loving hands are literally on our products all the way from seed to serum. There’s a little bit of that love and magic in every bottle.


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