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Founder + Formulator
Sunny Moore

SATVA BOTANICALS founder, Kristin Sunny Moore, has spent the majority of her life steeped in the world of holistic living. As a mother of three children, her products were born out of a desire to experience self care and luxury in a simple and pure way that can fit easily into a busy, full life; she understands well the delicate balance of nurturing the Self while caring for others. Sunny is on a mission as a well-rounded healer, grower and product formulator to bring potent CBD-infused skin care to women all over the world.

SATVA is a mindful blend of two words . . .

Simply stated, Sattva is a Sanskrit yogic term for harmony, balance and purity. It is a holistic way of life; when something has a sattvic quality, it is clean and light, and promotes peacefulness and wellness.

Sativa is the Latin name for our beloved hemp plant; Cannabis Sativa l. Cannabis Sativa is the hero ingredient in our products, and we love it for its illuminating, soothing and balancing effects.

SATVA BOTANICALS brings you clean, pure hemp products to promote a deep sense of well-being so you can glow from within and radiate your beauty. True beauty is being your best self; inside and out.

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