100ml | 10mg CBD

A refreshing facial mist for all skin types to help balance the pH of your skin and bridge the cleansing process with the next step; moisturizing. Made with mindfully wildcrafted red clover and wild yarrow. Fortified with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

  • Rosewater + Witch Hazel are rich in tannins giving gentle astringent properties to shrink pores without over drying

  • Hemp Seed Oil and Jojoba Oil Blend for anti-inflammatory and balancing

  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract delivers a reviving dose of CBD with each spritz (10mg per bottle)

  • Yarrow maintains skin’s pH and tightens skin

  • Red Clover is high in vitamin C

Works synergistically with the Serum and Facial Oils for maximum absorption and assimilation into the delicate facial skin.

TO USE: After cleansing, close eyes and mist face and neck. The essential oils in this formula are great for balancing and nurturing your  body, mind and soul- so breathe deeply. You may also add a few sprays to your moisturizer for maximum benefits. Use throughout the day to lift your spirits and refresh your complexion. This formula is non-drying and re-hydrating to the skin. Follow with Radiance Serum, Balancing Oil or Nourishing Oil.

INGREDIENTS: Rosewater*, Witch Hazel*, Jojoba Seed Oil*. Hemp Seed Oil*, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract(CBD)*, Vitamin E*, Lavender*, Lemongrass* and Frankincense Essential Oils, Alcohol* (less than 5%)

* organically grown or wildcrafted ingredients

** store away from heat and direct sunlight

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