Decoding Hemp: Part I

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With everything HEMP, CANNABIS and CBD on the rise, it’s a little bit dizzying. Let this be a guide for how to cut through the bullsh*t and only buy the good sh*t. It’s a lot to sort through when you’re new to the game. If I had you over for dinner, I certainly wouldn’t serve you hors d'oeuvres, main course and dessert all at once! Heavens, no!  I’m breaking this down into a THREE PART SERIES, so you can take time to digest. For now: part one; enjoy!

First, let’s break down the difference between Hemp and Marijuana* . . .

A quick search on WIKIPEDIA says this:

“Cannabis is a genus of flowering plants in the family Cannabaceae . . .”. but what does that mean? In simple terms, Cannabis is technically any plant; hemp or marijuana*, that falls under the genus Cannabis. It’s a family of plants. They are related. The main distinctions between the two are as follows:

Hemp is a species of Cannabis sativa L that contains less than .3% THC, and is typically much higher in CBD. You’re not getting high off this stuff, but chances are you will feel GOOD.

Marijuana* is a species of Cannabis sativa L or Cannabis indica Lam, or a hybrid blend of the two. Most significantly, this species of cannabis is high in THC and much lower in CBD. You’re likely to feel some of the psychotropic effects of this plant, depending on your dosage. THC is the main compound (called cannabinoid) that produces the “high” feeling.

INTERESTING FACT: As hemp farmers, we are required to send samples of our plants to a lab to confirm that they are indeed below .3% THC and therefore considered HEMP. Anything above .3% is considered marijuana and must be disposed of. To the layman’s eye, you would not be able to tell the difference when seeing the plants grow in the field. It comes down to scientific lab testing.    

No lie and no hiding it here; I adore all species of the Cannabis plant. But my products are strictly hemp based, so let’s talk more about that next. Because I see a lot of misinformation on labels and the internet, and it’s not okay in my book. You deserve the truth. Knowledge is power, and if there’s ONE THING I want for you, dear readers, it’s to BE EMPOWERED. Marinate on that until the next time; when we break down the different types of hemp oils and extracts so you can make the best choices for your beauty and wellness! Until then; shine bright, good people!

Peace + Love,

XO Sunny